Photography Akos Major

Happy Potters

2703 7th St.,  #125

Berkeley, CA 94710

510.898.6749 / 510.898.6346



Happy Potters provides a venue for ceramic artists of all different  levels to explore and enhance their skills, whether an absolute beginner or an experienced potter.  The studio has been designed to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment, encouraging the artist’s creative process.  If you’re looking for a place to learn or a space to work on your own, come join us! 

Equipment and facilities:

- 4 Brent potters wheels

- Extruder

- Slab roller

- Electric kiln

- Glazes, washes and underglazes

- Work tables

- Storage space for clay, tools, and in-progress work

- Kitchenette

- Patio

- Clay and tools for sale